Monday, June 04, 2007

Haircut 120

This is me 2 weeks ago, at the culmination of the friendly poker tournament:

It's not as if I won any actual cash (that would be illegal.) But let's say, for the sake of argument, that I did win money... let's say my profit was somewhere around $120. If that were the case, then all the money is gone now - spent on a new battery for the Camry (which someone else purchased as of a week ago) and a few miscellaneous things purchased in a store on the street just south of where I live (but further west, out by La Brea).

Yes, that's right. I no longer drive a Japanese sedan. I now drive a Japanese mini-SUV (i.e., a 2000 Honda CR-X). It was an impulse purchase. Somehow, it gets better gas mileage than the Camry.

Not only that but you know how I had all that wavy Egyptian hair? It's almost all gone. I now look like my driver's license picture. I now look like I did in 2001, when I was cavorting on network game shows. I like it. I'll get a picture on here soon.

New car, new haircut. And, if all goes well tomorrow, a new (non-network) game show could be in my future.

And if I do somehow win on that show, I'd like someone to throw me a party in which there is a giant shrimp, made of shrimp, diving into a bowl of shrimp.


ace said...

Can I come to that party? I love me some shrimps!

Jason said...

Excellent photo!

What do you mean by a shrimp made of shrimp? Aren't all shrimp made by shrimp?

BpB said...

It was a pop cultural reference - specifically, a 30 Rock reference. Go here for the context: