Thursday, May 31, 2007

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I've complained about 2005 before on this blog. But one of the good things to come out of that annoyingly transitional year was my love for walking around the streets of downtown Los Angeles on my lunch hour. I wrote about these walks and the food found therein very often back in that first full year of blogging.

When I ended up working at a university that is not exactly located in downtown, I said goodbye my lunch-hour walks and said hello to campus strolls, build-your-own-stir-fry cafeteria lunches, noontime cardio, and olympic-pool swims. Then, last week, as I found myself taking public transportation (long story) for the first time in my L.A. life, it occurred to me that downtown is just a short bus ride away from my office. Not only that but the DASH bus only costs a quarter one way and it will drop me off 4 blocks from Skews (I would put a link here but they're the only business left in America without a website.)

So, on Tuesday and again today, I enjoyed lunch (today it was a Baja bowl with tofu) amidst the skyscrapers and well-maintained sprinklers of the city, as opposed to the college students and speeding golf carts of the university. It could become my new routine. Or I could grow tired of the bus rides and the sometimes odd people who occupy the other seats on these journeys. But I think I'll do it at least once a week - walk the steep streets of Bunker Hill, overhear people's Phil Spector conversations (just blocks from the courthouse), and stand on Flower Street, wait ing patiently for the F bus, fingering my quarter gingerly.

Jason - Happy Birthday!

Some other things:

The Sopranos final episodes are amazing. The scene with these two characters is one of my favorites ever.

Kobe's right. He's always right.

Last Night is a great movie. I saw it... last night.

And watch this space for a very important announcement concerning Seymour's web presence.

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