Friday, June 15, 2007


Just to remind everyone, comments are indeed allowed on this blog. Yes, admiring silence from a distance is acceptable. But comments are encouraged. Shy? Tell me how you feel in an email.

(and no - that preceding paragraph wasn't directed at you. We talk a lot, I know. That was directed at the rest of you . They know who they are - all those parents of newborns and players of guitars and curators and writers and reality show personnel, all of you.)

I'm usually not a negative person when it comes to the NBA. I'll defend it (and basketball in general) to anyone who challenges me. I scoff at those who think football has the most excitement or baseball has the most history. You want history? Go back to the 1982 NBA playoffs. They tell you everything you need to know about America, joy, and pain (not to mention sunshine and rain). You want excitement? Take a now-forgotten playoff series in 2004 for example - the Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings played seven thrilling mostly close and always competitive games in their western conference semifinal series. These games are mostly forgotten by people outside of Minneapolis and Sacramento (yes - even St. Paul has forgotten.) But I remember it all. I remember where I was when it started (in a living room in Santa Monica) and where it ended (in a casino in Las Vegas standing 20 feet away from Vince Vaughn.)

But this past season was a disappointment. My favorite teams (or at least the ones I get a little obsessed with) - the Timberwolves and Lakers - had dull disappointing seasons. The playoffs, except for Game 5 of the Detroit-Cleveland series and a few stray first round moments, were generally boring. We're going to pretend it never happened. The real season starts on June 27 when the NBA Draft is held and the future is planned. The real real season then begins for real in the fall. 2006-2007 never happened. 2007-2008 will happen. I promise. It can't get worse.

My favorite U2 album is still Zooropa.


lolo said...

in your pleading for comments, you didn't mention practitioners of psycho-physical educational methods. Am I still allowed to leave comments?

Jason said...

I'm glad to hear that this last season didn't happen. This time next year I could be a Bucks fan...