Thursday, January 05, 2006


I can accept that USC lost. I can accept that Texas was a better team. I can accept that Vince Young was the best player on the field. I can accept my own personal losses. But I can't accept this. McConaughey, you're on notice.

In just a few weeks, football will be completely out of the way and we can all focus on what's really important: basketball. The Wolves are a game over .500! Mad Dog has a blog (new entry!). And KG is on a mission toward sainthood. He made Oprah cry.


Jason B. said...

I need a break from the drama over at "Brief History...." I'm sorry that SC did't win, and that they didn't cover the spread.

And Mad Dog is right, Hoiberg is one of the best 3-point shooters in the game today.

thingsoncobras said...

I'm sorry. Watching the end of the game, thinking about you, I felt like Fiona Apple must have felt watching Paul Thomas Anderson lose the Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for Magnolia to Alan Ball.

Jason B. said...

Is there any doubt that the "running" quarterback is now state of the art? I felt sad watching poor Matt L. standing there with the ball, alone, with no one between him and a first down, but unwilling to jog the ten yards.

Ali said...

I like Vince Young. He's a great player. Let's just hope the NFL doesn't try to change him, like they did with Michael Vick. Let him run AND throw the little 11-yard passes that Pete Carroll gave to him the whole game. At some point, did it occur to the USC coaches that none of it was working and that they needed to mix things up? Anyway, Vince Young will be a great pro quarterback, albeit for the European league. Reggie Bush will be the greatest player in NFL history. And Matt Leinart will be somewhere in between. And the Trojans will be national champs next year as long as LenDale White sticks around. Which it looks like he won't.