Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bye Bye Wally

The Timberwolves traded Wally Szczerbiak to the Celtics. Okay.

For Ricky Davis. Yes!

And no more Olowokandi. Cool.

But now we have Mark Blount. Hmm.

And Marcus Banks. Good.

And Justin Reed. Who?

And we gave up Dwayne Jones. Has he ever played a game?

And a first round pick. Not good.

But still... Ricky. I like Ricky.

I don't know who Mark Madsen will hang out with on the road now that Wally's gone. Not Marko. Who'd hang with Marko? Maybe Mad Dog and KG kick it more than we realize. There's always Trenton Hassell. But Mark's a Mormon. All he really needs is a clean surface, a good book, and a turkey sandwich. I know about the Mormons.

But really... I don't know anything. Other than that I like Ricky Davis.

We're going to the playoffs. Yes I said "we."

That's my sports insight for the night.


thingsoncobras said...

Do you think KG's gone after this year? Sounds like it to me.

Also, do you know how to change the language settings on your blog. I've accidentally changed mine to what I believe is Korean, which makes posting a little more difficult. No, I'm serious.

Ali said...

in the 2nd line of my template, there's something that says "lang = en" It shows up twice on that line. You use a different template so it might be somewhere else in the code.

KG is not going anywhere.

JC Coates said...

Sorry. Ali, but KG is out. They should trade him to Chicago for Tyson Chandler, Ben Gordon and a couple 1st-rounders. Y'know what the real problem is with your oh-so-favorite team? Kevin McHale. if only he wouldn't have traded Ray Allen for Stephon Marbury, if only he would have traded Tom Gugliotta for Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell or re-signed Chauncey or drafted Josh Howard instead of Ndi Ebi, none of this shit would've had to have gone down. Flip would still be here, McHale would still have a job after this year, KG would still be around & so forth.....