Tuesday, January 10, 2006

An exercise in positivity, in which questions are answered with a "No":

Could today's weather be any better? No.

Are there wolves at my door? No.

Am I having writer's block vis-a-vis The XXiXX of XXdXXX XXXmX? No.

Is there reason yet to panic about the Timberwolves season? No.

Am I not a lazy man? No.

Is their anyone better than Kobe? No.

Will we rock you? No.


Jason B. said...

Does a dog have budda nature? Mu.

What does a cow say? Moo.

Can God create a baklava so sweet even he can't eat it? Moot.

thingsoncobras said...

Ooh! That reminds me of some funny jokes I made up!

Q: Why did the cows build a rocket ship?
A: Because they wanted to go to the mooon.

Q: What was the cow's favorite class in school?
A: Mooosic.

Q: What kind of wine do cows drink at a dinner party?
A: Mooolot

Q: What kind of wine do the cows drink on Skid Row?
A: Moooskatel.

Q: What's the cows favorite Skid Row song?
A: Mooonkey Business.

Q: What kind of business did the cows start?
A: A moooving company.

I could go on like this all night!