Monday, January 23, 2006


Kobe's performance yesterday was the second greatest in NBA history, second only to former Timberwolf James "Hollywood" Robinson's barrage of 4th quarter 3-pointers in a December 1996 (or was it '97? Maybe '98?) game against the Cavs. 'Wood was unstoppable that night.

Early Super Bowl prediction:
Seahawks 31 Steelers 10

I'm not sure how the Steelers could be favored. Seattle beat the better team yesterday. Seattle dominated whereas the Steelers had the game clinched only when Jake Plummer made his 45th mistake of the game. And besides, I've been to both cities. Seattle is lovely. Pittsburgh is a lesser Detroit. Speaking of which, Detroit is apparently the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team hails from and calls home and keeps vacation homes. And Seattle's fans are loud. And he scored 81!!! On 46 shots! Playing on the same team as Chris Mihm and Smush Parker! And Devean George! 81 on a team with no other offensive options. None. Don't give me Lamar Odom. And you know what you can do with Kwame Brown. 81.

Switching from sports to movies... Saw The Squid and the Whale over the weekend. Very nice. No film has better captured the eternal moment that was 1986. You could almost taste the birth of irony then, It was kicking at the womb of the art mother, waiting for the perfect day (November 24, 1986) to get itself born.


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P. Roger Nelson said...

Nice post, but I don't like to see you dissin my man Smush. And Devean is a home town boy, which makes us brothers of different mothers, so again, what's with the irony. Speaking of which, when did irony die? And don't say 2001, because it's still too soon for that joke. Perhaps the fact that you smiled when I asked when irony died means that in truth irony is not dead. Or maybe it's only sleeping, like God.