Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I just wrote an exceedingly long paragraph about my job, comparing my current attitude toward work to the one I used to have, expressing relief that I finally feel "settled in" and no longer feel like an enormous weight is crushing my soul. But it was really bad writing, the kind that you won't read on this site. It's been deleted. You'll never read it. Now you want to read it, don't you? Too bad.

There's an eerie calm on campus today. A chilling silence. A disquieting quiet. Is it because of the Rose Bowl tomorrow? No, it's probably because the students won't be back for another week.

The "XXXXX of XXXXXX XXXXX" script is proceeding well. I can feel the wheels rolling, toward the river of dreams, where the lonely heart owner fishes for the freshwater fish he'll never find.


thingsoncobras said...

Let's not jinx it. And I don't mean by talking about how well it's going; I mean by quoting Joel.

Jason B. said...

Actually, I'd love to read it to know what you think really bad writing is.

Joe Berenguer said...
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