Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hammer Coming Down

I've been enjoying Mojo radio. Don't let the "classic rock" description on their site fool you. There's nothing classic about Elton John's Kiss the Bride and that's just the way I like it. If their radio station is anything like their magazine, I'll be listening voraciously for the next few days and then forgetting about them for 27 days.

It's been asked of me if I will still be happy if USC wins the Rose Bowl by fewer than 8 points (legal disclaimer: It's all good - I was in Las Vegas last week). Yes, I will still be happy though only on the outside.

Really sad news: The lead singer of House of Freaks, a late-eighties band I liked, was murdered along with his wife and two daughters in Virginia on New Year's Eve. I remember seeing House of Freaks play an incredibly enthusiastic free outdoor show to a mostly unappreciative bunch of transient college students one cloudy afternoon at Cal State Fullerton. And I remember listening to the one song I really loved by them on a cassette in my car the very first time I randomly found myself in Eagle Rock. And now I have to remember feeling horrified by four people being murdered.

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Jason B. said...

That is tragic. It's always sad when injustice visits.