Thursday, January 12, 2006

An Outline For Mike Gainor

Act I: The Reckoning

1. Agamemnon returns to Perspex Island.
2. Hosannas are offered.
3. Evil Jed makes an appearance.
a. Evil Jed kills Winnifred.
b. Winnifred comes back from the dead and kills Evil Jed.
4. Cutthroat Norm knocks on Cicely's door.
5. A storm ravages the island.

Act II: The Call of the Beacon

1. All hope is lost.
2. Marshall Hall decides to play the "Oriental Card."
3. The abolitionists storm the capitol.
4. There is no Act II, Scene 4.
5. The (figurative) fire is (literally) started.
6. Comic interlude.

Act III: The Centurion and the Belgian Magician

1. Shaw + Andromeda = Love Scene.
2. The train leaves the station, bound for Brussels.
3. The verdict is read.
4. The helicopter comes, delivering Shaw, Andromeda, Hall, Norm, and Cicely to Perspex Island where Agamemnon and the ghosts are waiting in idling tanks.
5. It's on, dude, it's on!

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thingsoncobras said...

I was laughing hilariously at this. And then I read the title. My.

Let me say only this: I want to write THIS MOVIE! I'm sorry, but I AM Evil Jed, and I totally understand what he is feeling when he is killed by the reainimated Winnifred. It's tragic, dude.

Also, what eyes belonging to any being even remotely human wouldn't fill with tears when the train leaves for Brussels. Wow. To look out into that foggy morning as the gloved hand waves goodbye - that is the definition of beauty <> truth.

Finally, thank god you brought Shaw in at the end. I thought you were totally against that character. "Too plebeian," you said. But that's exactly how I envisioned it as well, in the helicopter over the Mekong Delta/Ardennes Forest. And it's the GHOSTS that are waiting there. Perfect.

It's like that scene in Modern Times when Chaplin looks at the girl. Pathos, longing, suffering - an unrequited love of LIFE. A moment for the ages. Plus, the royalties from the Perspex people are going to rule, frankly.