Sunday, January 29, 2006

Elegance, Technique

I hope you like the sleek new look. I do. The title font is sweet.

Keeping it positive... three things I like:

1. On Beauty by Zadie Smith. A captivating book. I'm only one-third of the way through but she's already surpassed White Teeth. And she's younger than the Olsen twins (or so it seems) so it'll only get better. Or worse. Or, if we're lucky, both.

2. California Pizza Kitchen. How could a restaurant that appeals to kids make some of the best food on the planet? Is there any other chain restuarant appealing to large families that consistently delivers? The answers to these questions are "I don't know" and "No."

3. The cover of Traveling Wilburys' Handle With Care by Jenny Lewis.


linglo said...

Dear Mr. Blueprint Blue,

I'd like to know what your real opinion of Kombucha is. Taste, feeling, and thought. If you didn't know its health benefits, would you go anywhere near the junk? Which name do you prefer: Rest on Your Laurels Organic Kombucha or Kombuchyoubetcha or You Betcha Kombucha? I'd like to be the Kombucha Kween of Santa Monica and make millions off my stinky moonshine.

Love, Linglo

Ali said...

Taste: Like one-day-past-its-prime apple juice.

Feeling: Moderately strong.

Thought: I think it's good for you.

Would I go anywhere near it if I didn't know its health benefits? No. But if the benefits are sufficient, taste doesn't matter all that much (take kale for example).

Name: I don't usually go for cutesy/punny names (unless you're talking about that restaurant Imagine the Pastabilities. Now there's a name!). But I like Rest On Your Laurels. Or Stinky Moonshine.