Thursday, January 26, 2006

Things On Rattlesnakes

I apologize for not mentioning the fact that Chris Penn actually died the other day. Yesterday's post makes more sense in light of this.

I'd rather not talk about the Timberwolves. Other than to ask: Can we redo the Clippers trade in reverse? And does anybody want a talented 7-foot former No. 1-overall draft pick?

An album that still sounds good after 22 years: Rattlesnakes by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.

I haven't been outside since 8:30 this morning. Seems like a nice day out there.

Finally, when will I stop thinking of Kevin Spacey when I look at my office bulletin board (made in Skokie, IL by a company called Quartet)?

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JC Coates said...

Well, shit: that's sad about Mr. Chris Penn. He's big enough of celebrity for people living all over LA to hear about his death but not big enough for ffolks like myself (in the la-dee-da Upper Midwest) to have heard. At least his legacy lives on in Wikipedia, or so implies the Santa Monica Daily Press.