Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Daresay

My well-thought-out NFL playoff predictions (with Lily's help):

Jaguars over Patriots
Bengals over Steelers
Panthers over Giants
Buccaneers over Redskins

The highlight of my weekend so far? A 158-point word in Scrabble. INFECTED through the F from one red triple word square to another. (For those of you who think it should be worth 185 points, I used a blank for the C). I finished with a respectable 483 points, 52 below my all-time record. Laurel and I are tied 1-1 in 2006.

Yes, I could have played INFESTED but that wouldn't have been any fun.

One more prediction: I will crush the competition in tonight's tournament. You know who you are. Prepare to be crushed, like ice, tomatoes, tomatillos, spirits, aluminum cans, and apricot pits. Prepare to walk the streets of Altadena, dazed and without transportation (for I took your cars as well as your chips), communication (for I took your cellphones for parts), or wives (collateral).


thingsoncobras said...

I tremble. Then, I remember -- wasn't this the guy who was up a couple of hundred bucks before he went to the poker room at the Bellagio?

Ali said...

I remind you and the other soon-to-be non-winners that I was way up (about $4) in poker. It was that darned blackjack that destroyed me.

PS. Lily and I changed our prediction for today's early game. We think the Redskins wil win.

Jason B. said...

I am crushed, and in fact only just now (10:01 Sunday morning) wandered into this internet cafe, uh, hey, where am I?

Fifth Street? By the river?


Ali said...

My wallet is so much thicker than before last night's events that it doesn't fit in my pocket. Granted, all I did was trade in a 20 and a 5 for five 5s and five 1s, for a net gain of $5 but still it feels like I accomplished something. But it's not like I have any more Hamiltons or anything..