Wednesday, May 02, 2007

4 More

So... a commenter on yesterday's post mentioned that items #2 through #6 all concern the same thing (namely, my history of car accidents). Counting these five entries as one, I have only written 37 things about myself and not 41. To address this well-reasoned (but persnickety) complaint, here are 4 more things about me that you may or may not have known.

1. I saw Soul Coughing in concert in 1997, 1997 (again), and 1998.

2. One of my favorite all-time meals (and the one and only thing I miss about not working in downtown Los Angeles and yes I know it's only a DASH ride away) is the Baja Bowl from Skew's on Grand, over by the tall buildings on the hilly streets. I like to substitute the chicken with tofu and I normally eschew the pico de gallo in favor of the tomatillo salsa. Sure it's a lot of carbs - tofu, black beans, rice, and a few tortilla chips - but it makes me happy.

3. I am the proud owner (father?) of two cats. You knew that, of course. I discuss them incessantly. But did you know that Seymour has a circumference of 25" and a length (not including tail) of 21" and Lily has a circumference of 16" and a length (not including tail) of 18". Thus, Seymour is rounder than he is long. Lily is longer than she round. (Note: I measure circumference based on the most ample portion of the belly.)

(Aside: yes, I really saw Soul Coughing three times in 17 months. They're very underappreciated. And they rock in a live venue, such as Minneapolis's First Avenue. Circles and True Dreams of Wichita are amazing songs)

4. My papa was an engineer. My mama was (is?) a mama.

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