Friday, May 18, 2007

Method of Modern Links

(As I've done before, I want to apologize in advance to everyone whose money I will vanquish tomorrow night in a poker tournament in the 626. I need the money more than you anyway. I'm saving up for a steel bed and a Prius.)

You have to see 100 numbered movie quotes, 100 - 1. Features the only YouTube-able snippet (#18) of Terry Chen's groundbreaking performance as Ben Fong-Torres. I remember that scene as if it were yesterday... and not the fall of 2000 at the Hopkins Cinema 6.

You KNOW you want to know more about the making of Steely Dan's Peg (caught up in ....)

You should also read all parts (7 so far) of the Neal Pollack-Paul Shirley discussion of the NBA Playoffs on Slate.

I Wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat.... the 110 to the 105.

And here's some Flight of the Conchords.

I'll miss this show during the summer.

Anyone want to buy some plant stands?

The Beatles are way ahead of Led Zepellin in the Band Madness final. David Bowie and Pink Floyd were the others in a boomer-centric Final 4. My wished-for Final 4 of Liz Phair, Mark Eitzel, Bruce Springsteen, and Prefab Sprout didn't materialize.

Don DeLillo can still write.

Lily Allen, Alfie.

Freedarko with some perspective on hating the Spurs.

Name change.

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