Monday, May 21, 2007

6 x 3

3 brilliant moments in the film Miracle Mile:

When Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham walk out of the department store into the light of Wilshire Blvd.

When Edwards pushes Winningham on the shopping cart through the LACMA plaza

The ending, in the ooze, at the La Brea Tar Pits

3 underrated places to go to on a Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles:

101 Coffee Shop

Melrose Ave., east of La Brea and west of Fairfax

Discount Tire (the one across the street from the Palladium which, according to its marquee, "will rock again")

3 secrets to winning poker tournaments at birthday parties



Pull the 3 on the river for the lucky inside straight... you know - get that one card that keeps you in the tournament

3 facts about my 1.6 mile walk from my apartment to the bagel store on Saturday morning:

I got there in 26 minutes

I got back in 29 minutes

There's a store on Melrose that sells giant Greek and Roman-style marble columns

3 alternate names for my blog, each of which start with "Blue" and have nine letters in the first word and four in the second word, just like Blueprint Blue:

Blueblood Brew

Bluegrass Blur

Blueberry Buzz

3 videos of 80's songs you've forgotten about and should remember:

Method of Modern Love (Oates' performance from 0:46 to 1:01 is poetic and eternal... and then it's all Hall - clumsy dancing and perfect singing. And you'd figure Oates would be upset - he hardly gets any screen time. UNTIL... the 4:47 mark and you see him smile like a child because they let him fly through the clouds. The smoking saxophone is pretty cool too.)

Perfect Skin (black shirt + white pants = the desire not to smile)

My Ever Changing Moods (yes, those are bicycles and that's a countryside)


ace said...

Y = A + BX + E AT -What does it mean?

P.S. I loved seeing Miracle Mile with you last night.

Y = a + Bx + e said...

That's just my new "name"

It's temporary

It's the formula for "simple linear regression"


y = predicted score

a = intercept (or the value of the predicted score, assuming the predictor is zero)

b = predictor

x = person or person's score

e = error

Essentially, it says that, in research or testing, the value of a person's score on a variable (like a test) is a function of that variable's mean (or average) and one or more predictors (in this case, we just have one predictor) and measurement error. I'll explain more later, in private.

There's more information here:

I wanted to use Greek letters but the blogger program won't let me. Plus, it turns my lower case letters into uppercase. So I may change my "name" to something else.

sinter klaus said...

As a once long time reader and fan of your blog, and then not so much in recent months, but now your newest avidest reader, I can see you're still obsessed with Hall and Oates. Good for you. Is it me or is Oates rather Princelike? What with his wee creepy stature and silky haired chest.

goblinbox said...

I appreciate that you're so shameless about listening to H&O. ;-)

sinter klaus: I think that a gay porno starring Prince and Oates would be, well, utterly creepy. In a totally awesome way! LOL)