Friday, May 25, 2007

Everything Everywhere

I'll be in that elevator at least one more time.

Twice, because I'll have to go down too.

And there will be more industrial steel-walled elevators in my future. Can't put everything everywhere. Need to make room for the clean lines.

Speaking of the future, I'm going to that restaurant tomorrow night, the one with the pizza and the long lines and the wood-burning oven. I can't wait.

And then, we're seeing this. Here.

Look for a list from me, later today. I thought about a Memorial Day Weekend list. I've always had this belief that Memorial Day has been particularly memorable for me. But I'm having a memory block - the only ones I remember are:

1. Bloomington, MN, in the rain, 1987
2. Chicago, in the stifling humid heat, 2006

Two entries does not equal a list. (Technically, yes it does. But the Blue doesn't run on technically.)

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