Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Linkery: The Long Take

I'll put the best link first (via Alex).

If you're into weighty well-written academic-type pieces, read The Situationist.

If you need advice, ask Jason.

I wish it would rain.

A new song by a Norwegian. An old one by Shriekback.

Raynar Banham loves Los Angeles here (via)

There's good basketball on tonight (don't click if you get queasy). There's better basketball on tomorrow night.

Christine Daniels has a blog. And good musical taste.

My favorite Seinfeld episode ("I got the first name"... "she's into it")

My favorite Seinfeld moment ("Aunt Baby")

I'm all for unconventional plot structures but will anything happen in this book? (To be fair, I've only read 198 of the 240 pages.)

I don't mean to show off but the May 6 puzzle took me only 12 seconds to solve.

Speaking of Will Shortz, I can't make it to this but if you're near UCLA tomorrow night and you have $20-$35 to spare, I'm sure it'll be fun.

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