Thursday, February 01, 2007

Two Lists

Today on the poetry site - Axl Stole My Braids!

Now, lists:

5 Places I've Been Stuck, In Dreams
1. Elevators
2. Airplane, travelling internationally between space-age airports
3. Underwater
4. Cavern or cave, with boulders blocking my escape
5. University of Minnesota Social Science Tower

5 Special Talents I Have
1. Musically reciting every alphabetized north-south street name in Minneapolis, between Aldrich and Zenith Avenues, in rapid fire succession, pausing with a contented sigh at Penn Ave.
2. Boggle
3. The statistical technique of hierarchical linear modeling, specifically with regard to time-series analysis, while taking into account regression effects and instrument reliability
4. ____________
5. Avoiding tomatoes in salads

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