Monday, February 12, 2007


I like cities. I ascribe them super powers. I appreciate them when they're inspring. I let them know when they're not pulling their weight (I'm talking to you, Chicago in the late 90s.) I refer to them in poems and stories and blog posts. I always love a mention of a city (or better yet a street) in a song. I like cities. This is why I want to thank Los Angeles for coming through this past weekend - perfect weather, minimal waits at unassuming restaurants, nice remodel of the Griffith Observatory, nice clean lines and stunning views from the second floor plaza of the Hammer Museum, clean clear east side streets perfect for a late night drive through darkness, consistently acceptable parking spaces, timely rain, timelier clear skies, and...... and someone I know made me a cd with Thunder Island on it so of course I'm happy.

On the poetry blog there's a poem about an underappreciated actor.

And Jason welcomes you to ask him what you should do.

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