Friday, February 02, 2007

One More Before the Weekend

To end my productive workweek of blogging, I'll tie up a few loose ends.

My Super Bowl prediction: Bears 34 Colts 7
(the Colts lone score will be a defensive touchdown)

My new favorite Hall & Oates song: Out of Touch

My reaction to the few Tivo-ed minutes of the new Comedy Central Sarah Silverman show I watched last night: Funny.

My reaction to an e-mail I received late last night: Wow.

The song that's playing on the internet "classic rock" station I just chose randomly off the iTunes list: Tiny Dancer by Elton John.

My favorite song by the USC band: Tusk

My desire to post the lyrics from my Tiny Dancer spoof, Tony Danza: Infinite
(yes I thought of the joke first)


infinity said...

hold me closer tony danza. won't you tell me who's the boss.

kickapoo said...

what's happening to your blogger's photo? have you gone mad?