Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Silver Splits the Blue

For whatever reason, my sleeping patterns - which I've written about before on this blog and I'l spare you the link to the previous post - have been acting up lately. Peaceful evenings become restless nights and too-early mornings. Late afternoons become rough and difficult to plod through, like stucco or wet sand. Metaphors become labored and analogies fall flat. It's a fierce pancake is what it is.

But I'll trundle through. I have inspiration for creative endeavors. I have books to read. I have hills to scale. I have oceans to swim.

But damn I'm tired right now. It's 3:17. The work day has a long way to go. Someone finished the office Thin Mints. People keep operating on my mouth and my cats miss me. Yeah I'll be okay. I'll just go back to paragraph 2.

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la-la said...

I'm having one of those "afternoons that are rough and difficult to plod through" today. Blah!