Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And Life Was Fresh and New

Today, they (they being the only Elliott Smith-playing dentist in all of Los Angeles) will be putting a crown on my tooth. Thursday, they (a different they) will be performing "minor" but "necessary" gum surgery on me (followed by a soft-food-only diet for a week).

My poor mouth is going through the same thing the Timberwolves went through when they made the big trade with Boston last year: a complete overhaul. Hopefully, the end result will be better with me. I hope I don't have to fire my coach/dentist. Though, it can't be too bad - I'll always have my soft full Swedish lips, the Wolves will always have KG.

Speaking of Minnesota, it's been cold there. Really cold. If you live there, let me point out that it was 87 here yesterday.

(I'm allowed one weather-related paragraph on my blog per 50 posts. It won't happen again any time soon.)

They better always have KG.

I'll say this about Will Shortz: he never disappoints.

Same with Men's Bread.


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