Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Damn, I have to write my NBA preview, don't I? You're all expecting it, aren't you? I'll just skip to the good part: the Timberwolves will win again, like I always say they will, like they never do.

Happy Halloween! Here are my 3 best Halloween costumes ever.

3. 1984. I was a Blues Brother. Elwood. My friend Patrick was Jake. We sang Soul Man (with Sam and Dave's original playing as a backing track on a boombox) in a windowless conference room at a community college in Paramus, New Jersey. The longest of stories. Ask and I will tell you.

2. 1986. I was David Byrne. Big white shirt buttoned to the top, baggy black pants, no hat, black shoes that fit. I was a time bomb.

1. 1974. I was Neil Armstrong. One small step for a man, etc.

Just when I was going to cancel Showtime and HBO, I have to discover that Dexter is a good show. And The Wire is still The Wire.

And then there's this.

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