Friday, October 06, 2006

Top 6.666 Spices/Seasonings/Herbs of the First 2/3 of the '00s

My post from earlier today was a little obtuse... full of references that would resonate with one person (myself) on this planet.

I should start over, give you something fresh and beautiful.

A list maybe?

Top 6.666 Spices/Seasonings/Herbs...

6.666. Cumin
the sleepy little add-in in the corner of the cabinet

6. Ginger
needs to be kept in line; still, a keeper

5. Garlic
open letter to all people in America:
garlic + moderation = good

garlic + no moderation = kitsch (and not the good kind either)

4. Dill
dill? what are you thinking? dill? I'll tell you what I'm thinking! what other infusion on earth can improve both pickled cucumbers and cheese?

3. Cinammon
the Mark Eitzel of spices - cool, crisp, possibly gay, best in winter and morning, too much makes you cry

2. Rosemary
I loved you once; I like you now... and forever

1. Basil
feels good to the touch, to the smell, to the taste - that's 3 of the 5 senses right there!; the David Foster Wallace of flavors - rich, surprising, more satisfying than is apparent at first; prone to footnotes


flicka said...

What about saffron? The spice that's worth it's weight in gold.

Rose said...

you are adorable.

Ali said...

I'm just not that wild about saffron.