Tuesday, October 03, 2006


From my new picture two things are clear:
  • I have huge eyebrows.
  • I'm leaning against a truck. It's not my truck. I don't have a truck.
I think it's briefhistoryoftheriseandfall...'s truck.

The Twins lost Game 1 to Oakland. I know someone in Oakland. She has a dog and parents who favor gag gifts. I know someone near Oakland. She has no pets and believes in tough love. I know a third person near Oakland. Her apartment is messy but her intentions are pure. I know one other person near Oakland. He's impulsive and not to be relied upon.

Wait. I know one more person near Oakland. Actually I knew this person. Never mind.

I received some good news. The news will remain secret until more details are ready. Let's just say that a little bit more of b.p.blue's writing will receive exposure. I may make some enemies this time however. Damn. I don't need any more enemies.

I was called an egomaniac recently. Me? I've thought deep and long about this. Let's consider the facts:

1. I have a blog in which I talk about myself but not really.
2. I wrote a rap about myself. The rap has three unique verses and two slightly different courses. It's called My Name Is (Ali).
3. I'm writing a screenplay about someone with my name but not my life.
4. I keep forgetting to give to charity.
5. I sometimes forget to ask you how your life is going. But then I remember.
6. Roughly 27% of my fiction is really about me. Doesn't seem excessive.
7. My rap is excellent. Ask me to sing it for you.

Yes, I am an egomaniac.

(One more thing: I have an opinion about something that happened in the news recently that is so crazy, so contrary, so off-putting that I just can't express it here.)


Jason B. said...

Dear Sir,

It is not my truck. My truck is being driven by labourers from Bellflower.

Me and Mrs. BriefHistory are in Wisconsin for Mrs. BriefHistory's sister's wedding. It's calm and autumn-y cool here. Today we may go to the apple orchard and (at my request) eat cheese curd.

Best, A. BriefHistory...

parenthes(i)(e)s said...

Say hi to my Wisconsin homies. But don't be fooled by the Madisonians. They look nice but beneath their layers of clothing they hide steely knives and 5-pronged forks.