Thursday, November 02, 2006

November Thursday

My favorite month of the year is November. My favorite day of the week is Thursday (oddly Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday.) So today is a good day.

Have I been quiet lately? A little.

But there's lots of stuff to read over here.

The John Kerry controversy. How anyone could be offended by something so benign and mild is way beyond me. I'm a little upset he apologized. I still think his big mistake in 2004 was John Edwards. He should have taken more of a risk. Everyone should take more risks in politics. More fun that way.

Based on the first 2 days of the NBA season, I have a few observations:
  • The Lakers will be NBA champions (sorry Jason)
  • They will beat the Wizards in the finals (I have my reasons)
  • The Timberwolves will make the playoffs
  • The Heat and Spurs will not
I think the Borat movie will either be the funniest movie of all time or the biggest failed opportunity since CB4.

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