Friday, October 27, 2006

It Takes a Nation of Millions

As I speak various democratic candidates are campaigning into microphones on the steps of the library. I wish them all well and will likely vote for them. But the real excitement will come when Barack Obama, campaining for the alternative fuel proposition and the poor guy who's running against that Austrian governor guy, takes the stage. They didn't crowd on the expansive quad and suffer through six positive hip-hop anthems to see the insurance commission candidate. They're here for the next president of the United States or the president after that. I could walk over 300 feet and see Senator Obama speak. Or I can sit at my desk. I'll be able to hear him clearly through my open window, just as I can hear this song every Thursday in the fall.

Don't forget to change your clocks - one hour back - on Saturday night.

What - no one is throwing a Halloween party this year? Just because everyone from last year's party is all broken up except for the people having the baby doesn't mean there should be no party this year. What - you're not broken up anymore? Things are better. Good. That means you should throw a party.

Alec Baldwin is funny.

Dorset Cereals' Super Black Currant & Cherry Muesli is fantastic! Who said the English don't make good food? Straight outta Dorchester!

Tomorrow my alma mater - the Golden Gophers of the University of Minnesota - will play the #1 team in the country, the Buckeyes of Ohio State. The Gophers are bad this year. 0 and 4 in the 11-teamed Big Ten. Still, I will write here - check the posting time - that the Gophers will win. Really, what do I have to lose? I'm I'm right, people will be amazed that I had the foresight to envision the biggest college football upset of the decade. If wrong, no one will remember.

Suddenly those strange ROTC people are marching along the parkway. I can't hear the politicians. Are they trying to drown out the democrats? Is this like that one time at the stop light in Fridley, Minnesota when the guy in the car next to me at the light cranked up Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive and I countered by cranking Public Enemy's Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos at an even louder volume in my then-brand new 1988 Hyundai Excel?

The ROTC folks are gone. It was temporary. Marchers march and sometimes they just march away.

They just introduced the guy who won't beat Arnold because the democrats used up all the good Arnold scandals back in '93. I feel bad for the guy. His name is Phil. he has the charisma of Bob Balaban combined with the liveliness of Devean George. But Barack must be next so maybe I'll take a stroll.

(post-speech update)

Turns out the guy with no charisma wasn't Phil Angelides. No, that was Mayor Villaraigosa. Phil's a little more exciting - he has the charisma of Chris Parnell combined with the liveliness of Fred Hoiberg. Barack was pretty great. Amazingly, he goes off on more tangents than John Kerry but he manages to bring it all together. He sure sounded like someone ready to run for president. He might want to change up that whole "bending the arc" metaphor though. I haven't been that close to a future candidate since McGovern in '72. Yeah I remember that like it was yesterday - the leaves were falling o'er the Hackensack park. Muhammed Ali was in the crowd...McGovern knew he was a goner but there he was ranting about Nixon and the war... stop hey what's that sound... everybody look what's going down.

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