Thursday, October 26, 2006


It's a rare Thursday that I feel both sleepy and alive.

20 hours of sleep over the past 2 nights. Amazing.

Today on the treadmill I was a superhero. You see I didn't even know that I was running 6.2mph with the incline set to 4.5. I thought I'd reset the incline to zero. Am I even capable of running that fast/that steep for that long? I suppose I am. It's not that fast/that steep. I'm old you see. Older than cordless phones, older than the Brady Bunch (the show not the actors), nearly 2.5 times as old as the Timberwolves franchise who I'm convinced will win 60 games this season. I have my reasons which I will surely share with you during my second annual NBA preview some time in the next 5 days.

Work-related thought: Now that I'm putting a pie chart in my next report, do I have to turn in my PhD? My dissertation committee would cringe at my endoresement of such a simplistic descriptive statistic as the pie chart. Whatever happened to hierarchical linear modeling?

Today I am humbled. I just read a story of a man in Massachusetts who scored 830 in Scrabble, a new world record (in officially sanctioned clubs or tournaments). The article goes on to list the quirks and sheer luck (not to mention unorthodox not-playing-to-win play) that resulted in the high score but I'm still impressed. 830. 830. 830. My high score? Subtract 293 from the new record.

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