Tuesday, November 07, 2006


My 4 favorite events:

1. NBA Draft (every June)
2. Christmas (every Christmas)
3. Presidental elections (every 4 years)
4. Mid-term elections (every 4 years)

Tonight - #4! I look forward to watching the slowly oozing results with friends and pizza and wine and chocolate-covered almonds. Let's hope for a Democratic takeover.

Another of my favorite events - the first televised Timberwolves game of the year. Tonight they play the Lakers. I'm looking forward to competitive game marked my fair play and honor. It'll be nice to see the new KG and the rookies.

One of my favorite poems is today's poem-a-day.


swiss chard said...

You seem like an easy man to please, non?

ornamental kale said...

Yes, but a tough nut to crack, ja?

lasers in the jungle said...

easy to please? yes he is.

tough nut to crack? no. his nut is easy to penetrate.

qwerty pie said...

Why are this blogger's nuts suddenly on the chopping block?