Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bruce Hammonds and Liam McGee

When I was young and spry I would get a cold and it would proceed in a particular fashion:
  • Day 1 - Oh no. I'm sick. Tomorrow will be hell.
  • Day 2 - Hell
  • Day 3 - 90% recovery
  • Day 4 - The other 10%
The exception to this rule was the legendary strep throat winter of '96. Two weeks of dizzy misery.

This week I managed to pass through the first three stages, feeling nearly on top of the world yesterday, only to find myself back in Day 2 today. I actually took a nap in my office - on the floor, with my briefcase and my jacket as a head elevator/pillow. I think they vacuum the office floor regularly. I hope they do. I don't why I'm telling you all this. Maybe for some sympathy.

I e-mailed this link to many of my reader(s) but just in case you didn't get it, go HERE for the now-legendary "One Bank" video. I may write about this in more length in the future. I may forget about it entirely by the weekend.

(I know I can post the actual video on my blog and make it easier for you but I can only seem to do that with YouTube video and the Google version is far more technically sound)

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Ali said...

the original version of this post was titled "Bruce Hammonds and Leah McGee" (you'll need to see the linked video to understand why.) Apparently, the name is LIAM McGee. I apologize to everyone concerned. And yes I really did look it up.