Saturday, November 04, 2006

Unbelievable Truth

I saw Borat last night. Funny but not as funny as this - my favorite commercial ever. The look on his face, the body language, the song - all of it combines to create something truly special. Is it a coincidence that I just switched my car insurance to Geico?

Today is an impossibly beautiful day in Los Angeles. 72 degrees. No smog. Blue skies, except for a few puffy clouds. The breeze could accurately be described as sweet. I took a drive toward the ocean this morning. There was hardly any traffic. All windows were open.

Too much positivity in one blog post? Probably but there's got to be some positivity to partially counteract the way-too-early death of one of my favorite actresses, Adrienne Shelly.

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Helena said...

Did you also watch the follow-up Caveman Apology?

He orders the duck with MANGO salsa. Another coincidence??