Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Truth, Fiction, and Retreat

If you asked me 10 years ago which media figure would become America's most critically astute political commentator, I wouldn't have guessed Keith Olbermann. But watch this commentary on George Bush and Iraq from last night. Wow. Ten minutes of Truth. Watch it until the angry end. "You do not own this country." I love the part about the corollary not necessarily being true. And the pink tie.

I have another story on Eclectica, People on the Other Side. Enjoy it. It's a freaky one. There's lots of other good stuff on that site.

Pop Matters has a great Best Albums of 2006 list. It bests Pitchfork's list only because it gives you videos of most of the artists on the list (and audio for many of the others).

And there's something else that I want to link to. But I just can't. I'm taking the moral high ground here.

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lolo said...

Get a box.
Put your junk in that box.
Make her open the box.