Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Children of Mix Tapes

I've been asked to provide new material here. I've been told I'm lax in my posting and my provision of links.

How about a radio piece on Ron Sexsmith, back with a new album? Or a Franz Ferdinand lead singer interview?

Or the funniest thing I've ever read? Not exactly timely (I've linked to it before) but wow.

Here's the best memoir I've read in recent memoir-y. I recommend it highly.

And the best movie I've seen since... since this or maybe this or how about this? Yes, that's my Top 4 for 2006.

And Idolator's great 2006 Jackin' Pop poll. Their #3 album is my #1 album. Their #1 album is my #47 album. Their #1192 album is my #2 album. Their #1 song is my #1 song. And who decided to call songs "tracks"? I like "songs" better.

And if you're a puzzle-obsessed person like me, this will keep you occupied. Look for the January 7 / January 14 puzzle.

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Lolo said...

Thanks. Good linx. Much entertained.