Friday, January 26, 2007

Seymour vs. Hercules

I took the online Jeopardy test last night. I think I passed this time. They let you take the test (in-person or online) once a year and this is my 7th attempt. I've passed once (in 2003). Last year's online test was brutal. Now I just have to wait around for them to contact me. The next step is a live "mock game" audition. Then I wait around and hope they call (in 2003 they didn't call.)

I think these two pictures of 20-pound cats prove that Seymour (my cat, on the left) is more "big-boned" than "fat." The cat on the right, Hercules, is apparently a major media star. Here's a story (and here's some video) of his journey.

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