Thursday, January 04, 2007

Finishing the List

You know... I promised the Top 15 Love Songs of All Time a few weeks ago. I gave you #15 through #3. What about the Top 2?

Here they are.

2. Summer Guest - Sigmund Snopek III

It may seem like a cop-out to put an instrumental here, especially a short sweet piano-and-drum brush instrumental like this one. I discuss Sigmund in more detail in my 12/30/06 entry. Today, I'll just say this: this is the perfect soundtrack to the feeling of love, if not the expression of love.

1. There Is No Number One.

The greatest love song of all time has not yet been written.

Some of you may suggest this song. Yes it's a lovely sentiment. But it has not yet stood the test of time. It's not quite timely anymore, with the holiday season being over. The instructions are very helpful though, especially the part about the hole in the box.

Others may suggest this song. Yes, it's the best song of 2006 but I haven't quite figured out what it means yet. And I don't think he's crazy.

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