Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I woke to frost on my windshield this morning. In Los Angeles. Sure, I was able to defrost within a minute but it still was a surprise. It's supposed to warm up soon. We'll survive this. I know we will.

Unexpected book recommendation of the week: The Keep by Jennifer Egan. Don't let the preposterous use of light and shadow in her author photo fool you - she's a great writer.

I watched a lot of football this past weekend. I've watched my normal amount of basketball over the past month. I'm struck by how much more I enjoy basketball than football. I'll always take a well-thought-out combination of grace, power, precision, style, and speed (NBA) over an slightly forced/programmed combination of power, speed, and ridiculous self-seriousness (NFL).

In good news, Barack Obama essentially announced his candidacy for president this morning. It's not too early to think about 2008. (And it's not too late to wonder what went wrong in 2000 and 2004 either. I have many theories.) (And I still have some thoughts about '84.)

And Happy Birthday to one of my long-time readers.

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