Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Favorite Streets

I have a new favorite street to take to work. It's a secret. Let's just say it's a surprise and it starts with a W. Eventually, it changes names and starts with an A.

My links (to the right) are getting stale. There will be an update and a possible redesign in the near future. I feel a fresh start coming soon.

I saw Little Miss Sunshine over the weekend. Great movie. Of all the freaky dysfunctional comedies of the past few years (and there have been over 1,200 of them), this one is the best for the simple reasons of story and acting. And at a moment in the movie when the audience could have collectively winced, creating an audible crinkle-swish that even the space aliens on Galaxy 19 could have heard, the audience - me included - simply smiled. That is an accomplishment.

I have a complicated Mel Gibson theory. It doesn't lend itself to the blog genre. If you see me, ask me about it.

Speaking of Mel, I also saw Who Killed the Electric Car? and he made an impressive cameo as a
pro-electric car raving (Castro-bearded) madman. As did Ed Begley Jr., predictably (not bearded, still raving) .

In addition to going to too many movies, I watch too much TV. To those of you without premium cable, here's my guide to which critically acclaimed HBO and Showtime series are worth seeing and which are not:

Entourage: Breezy but enjoyable
Lucky Louie: Surprisingly resilient.
The Sopranos: Timeless, perfect.
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Timeless, almost perfect.
Dane Cook's Tourgasm. Awful title. Lame premise (4 comics on the road). Always entertaining.
Huff: No.
Weeds: Yes. New season starts in 2 weeks.
The Wire: I've yet to actually watch this show in an attentive manner but I think it's brilliant.
Deadwood: The crappiest piece-of-crap show in the history of crap.

I both encourage and expect your wrath.

I have a new favorite street(s) to take home from work. It's not a secret. It's the 110 to the 101. Maybe it's a summertime thing but what happened to the afternoon rush hour downtown LA traffic? Is the End of Days coming? USC to Melrose Hill in 17 minutes? At 5:00 on a weekday?


Jason B. said...

I know your street, dude! Are they both presidential? And one of them "historic" at one end?

I didn't know you watched Deadwood.

Ali said...

No, they're not presidential. Unless I'm forgetting about President Wilton Arlington (affectionately known as The Dutchman).

Deadwood? Never seen it really.

Jason B. said...

I thought it was Washington and Adams.


I'll take redonk morning wake up times for 4 am, Alex.

Yes, me too.