Thursday, August 17, 2006


I know that my reader(s) didn't want to keep looking at that damn list of 27 things anymore so I thought a fresh post was necessary. I'm not sure if I have all that much to say though. What do I do?

I could post a random picture, like this:

I could send you some juicy hours-killing links, like these:
  • Pitchfork's Top 200 Songs of the 60s (unless Meridian Leeward by The Nazz is #1, this list means nothing.)
  • Various bloggers give us their first-half-of-2006 mixes (scroll down to where it says "update" for the list of other bloggers, including Mountain Goat John Darnielle who will be appearing live at Amoeba in Hollywood on the 23rd (one day after the new album is released) so mark your calendars.)
  • freedarko's predictably fascinating discussion of the Clippers' owner's housing discrimination bugaboo (of interest to non-basketball fans).
Speaking of words like "bugaboo," I used the word "mojo" last night in a non-ironic non-British-music-magazine-referring way. This scared me. I don't use words like mojo. I'm not that kind of guy. I'm not an old white British bluesman. I'm sorry. (aside to the person who heard me say "mojo": yes I know - some clever lines aren't as clever the 2nd time around; and are your shellfish preferences limited to shrimp or are scallops okay too? I love scallops.)

For those of you without cable: Colbert has been on fire lately.

And Ben and (mostly) Karen - here's a more public congratulations for the birth of Baby Elliot!


Jason B. said...

Why that picture? Mike Clark hates that guy Joey Slotnick. I guess they went to the same high school.

Ali said...

The picture wasn't exactly random. I saw Joey Slotnick getting into his car (an Explorer I think) yesterday when I was coming out of a bagel shop in Hollywood. I thought I'd pay tribute to a show I hadn't thought of in years. Why would Mike hate such a talented actor? Is it jealousy? Wedgies?

h said...

Perhaps your inner blues-man has long been dormant, but is stirring to life.

I've only ever had scallops wrapped in bacon, so I don't think I've been able to fairly evaluate them...because, really, what ISN'T good when it's wrapped in bacon?

lil fig said...

A good example

a*smOOth (the-guy-from-around-the-way) said...

speaking of figs, there's a giant tree above my apartment dropping giant figs (or maybe giant dates) into a giant vent on the side of the building. I don't know if this is safe. I don't know what the vent does. I don't know what the tree is. I don't know anything.

Jason B. said...

Joey Slotnick wrapped in bacon? Kevin Bacon? Canadian Bacon? John Candy? The Candy Man? Michael Olowokandi? The Clippers? Donald Sterling?

Oh. My. God.

We're all connected...