Monday, August 28, 2006

2 Poems

Two Cypress Trees

There are two cypress trees on my street
One is invisible
The other wakes me
Every morning
Except the days
I dream of the silver lining
Softening the undermining
Of the night
Turning into the Hollywood day
Those days I am more
Pure and suddenly alive

They take the dead
Down Western Avenue
The tranny knife fights
Deflect the street lights
As funeral cars crawl down
The swooning part of town
The winner tonight
Has a half shirt
Gives her twice the hurt
As the loser

There are two cypress trees on my street
One is my favorite tree
The other’s dead to me

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Do You Even Know Me?

Between my softest mumble
And my deepest thought
Lies my desperate answer
To your exasperated question
“Do you even know me?”

I think
I scrunch my nose
I touch my chin
I make a list

1. Yes I even know you
2. From the beginning of the dawn of time

Below the wordless stumble
Of my shallow stab at immortality
Sleeps the ancient thrust
Of bloody futility

3. Yes I even know you
4. Until the end of the death of earth

I reach
I smell the air
I look above
I see the exposed pipes
And the hidden camera
They got me again

1 comment:

Ali said...

Note to people who don't know me:

Though we share the same name and the same favorite basketball team, the guy I link to (the guy in the 2nd picture) is not me.

Yes, I used to live in Minneapolis.

Yes, I'm capable of dropping some mad beats.

But I am not bald. I am not albino.

My name is Ali. His name is Brother Ali. I have no brothers. Buy his albums.