Friday, March 24, 2006

Week in Review, with Way Too Many Links

Donald Fagen gets analyzed. What could be more fun?

Adam Morrison cries. I saw UCLA play in person. They didn't look THIS good. They made the next Larry Bird cry. How do I go back in time to say, 1980 and make the first Larry Bird cry?

Does anyone know what happened to babypyrofleacircus? I'd ask internets but he disappeared.

thingsoncobra's snake-related photoshopping crown is challenged.

Lou Ferrigno has a son and he plays football at my workplace. The jarring presence of LF Jr.'s name was far more apparent in the print version of the article. But you can't link to matter.

My favorite blogger encourages monetary donations to my favorite internet radio station. It may be too late but I'm sure they'll take your money anyway.


linglo said...

When are you going to get another kitty? Used or otherwise. And when can we start putting stuff on it?

Love, Linglo

kittensnatcher said...

very soon, methinks. Very soon...