Monday, March 27, 2006

Anthony Jr.

I can’t believe I haven’t addressed this yet but has there ever been a better TV moment than when (in last week’s episode of The Sopranos) AJ promises his comatose father that he (AJ) will seek revenge on Uncle Junior for (accidentally?) shooting Tony.

AJ: “I’m gonna put a bullet in his fucking mummy head."


Without the “mummy” it would just be cheesy. With the “mummy” it will be quoted by me and other easily impressed people for the rest of our otherwise unfulfilling lives. Without AJ's new hair it would still be memorable, but I wouldn't have put the quote above in bold.

(Note: I'm not hoping that AJ gets in to family business. I hope he continues to pursue is interests in philosophy and existensialism. Still, it was fun to see him let out some pure frothing rage)

I'm enjoying Big Love as well. I'll never understand the appeal of Deadwood though.

More praise:

  • Neda Ulaby's fine NPR cultural commentary (plus - I went to a party at her Chicago apartment some time in '97 or '98. Fun)
  • The album Tallahassee by the Mountain Goats. I'm 4 years late on this one but damn, JD - are these stories true? I hope for your sake and her sake that they're not.
  • Cinnamon. I've spoken of my favorite all-purpose spice before. I'll say it again. Cinnamon rocks.

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