Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Old Roads Lead Everywhere

Freedarko is getting all Jungian. I like it.

Sometimes, late at night, I get these visions. The lights in the hills and the shadows I can't see make room for monsters with crooked shoulders. Then I realize I've fallen asleep to Jimmy Kimmel and I wake up and all is well.

I've got to get some sunshine today. I'm looking pallid.

Some of my favorite music this morning: Liz Phair's middle period; Donald Fagen's new album (haven't even heard it... just got a feeling); Lifter Puller's Nighclub Dwight song; something I heard somewhere and never will again; and if you've ever walked two miles into the wind at nightfall in this big town you'll know music can be a savior.

Crash won? I still don't accept this. I know...it's just a self-congratulatory awards show that's more marketing than merit. But still - I've had only a few missions in my life and hating Crash was one of them. It hurts. Like the day Andrew Toney had to retire because his knees didn't work anymore. I think it was his knees. Or the day Natalie left the Maniacs.

Blogger's photo uploader is having problems today. Consider yourself spared.

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thingsoncobras said...

That's ok - I'm still getting over the sweaty homoerotic H& O photo down there. Hot!