Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nine Days of Blood

My recent history of bleeding mishaps:

Monday, March 13: On the way to my car at work, as I cross Figueroa to get to the parking structure, a car making a right turn and not yielding to pedestrians, brushes against me slightly, its bumper hitting my gym bag. I fall down. The hit-and-runner drives away. I'm okay, except for a cut on my hand where it hit the pavement. There are a few trickles of blood but that's all/

Sunday, March 19: In my morning grog, I'm shaving. I accidentally nick the side of my nose. Blood spills, more than you'd think. Eventually it stops.

Monday, March 20: At the end of my work day, I feel a sensation behind my right ear. I realize that I have a cut of unknown origins behind the lobe. There is dried blood. and new blood. Eventually it stops.

Today: At 1:30, I decided it was time for my afternoon smoothie (i.e., blended juice drink). In my enthusiasm to get out of my office for my liesurely walk to Jamba Juice, I trip over my own big shoe in the narrow area near the door. My tripped-on foot kicks my office door in such a way that the edge of the door causes a gash in my forehead. Ouch. This one requires an antibiotic wipe and a bandage.

I get my smoothie anyway. People look at my bandaged forehead.

I get the Peach Pleasure, with Vita Boost.

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