Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Kid on the Block Party

Sometimes there isn't a whole lot to say. You just have to look into each other's eyes and wonder "How did we get here?" and "Where do we go now that we've gotten here?" I always wondered about the sweat. Oates seems to be pushing Hall out of the picture. Role reversal? Photographic trickery? Too much to really get into here on this bloggity blog.


I'll get the facts out quickly: Laurel and I have separated. Amicably. So amicably we went to see Chappelle's Block Party last night after some fish tacos. Great movie. Inspiring movie.

I wonder if they have block parties on my new block. Yes, I moved. To Hollywood of all places. I know it's Hollywood because I can see the sign. I hope it snows in the lower elevations like it's forecasted to this weekend. I want to stand on my porch and take a picture of the Hollywood sign surrounded by snow.

My block is a funny one. The neighbors are neighborly though their parking trickery will only lead to more trickery. I will not back down from a challenge. I live at the top of a little hill. I've never lived at the top of a hill. Now it's the only place I'll live.

My neighborhoood is a fun mix of costume shops, panaderias, auto parts stores (just turn on Lemon Grove, across from the Kragen), and giant Korean spa facilities. And a too-charming park where city kids play. But the best part of my new area is its proximity to the rest of Los Angeles. Everything seems close and on some days it is. Soon, even Laurel will be close - right after she leaves the west side herself for somewhere east of La Brea and west of the river.

(Quick note to readers who haven't seen me in 20 years and/or those who live on the east coast and only think of me when they remember watching a Blue Velvet matinee at the Cooper theater on old Highway 12: That's not me in the red shirt.)

Seymour's here with me. He likes the view too. I think he's listening to Ecstacy on the Edge. Track 6. Or maybe Whip-Smart. Track 5. Lily may live here too. So much to decide.

It looks like the rain is coming. No turning back now. Some of you I'll see tonight on a hillside in Altadena. I hope to take your money. But I will show grace and humility in the process. Others I will see in squinty-eyed sunlight, in the distant future. I can see the world from here!

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thingsoncobras said...

I can't wait to see that photo of the Hwood sign from your front window. That's going to inspire some jealousy. Be sure to do it before that tree grows in!