Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lazy Thursday

I realize the morning shower is very underrated. My hot water hasn't been working and the "very reliable" plumber commissioned by my landlord is apparently on a mid-week bender. So here I sit at work, highly caffeinated but still bleary-eyed due to the lack of hot streaming shower water stirring my body to life (did I mention it was one of the coldest nights of the year here in chilly Los Angeles?). In a few minutes I'll stroll to the campus gym and take advantage of my employee membership, feeling only a little guilty for showering without working out. I'll come back to my office refreshed and my co-workers will wonder why I look so much better, fresher, cleaner, more ALIVE. Because you can't spell "alive" without "ali."

1 comment:

linglo said...

You poor freezing dear! We all know how you enjoy your bedtime baths...and afternoon baths...and morning baths. You really like to get yourself in some hot water and bubbles.

Love, Lolo