Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where is the amazing annual NCAA tournament prediction post?

As the longtime reader(s) of this blog surely know, there is nothing people look forward to reading here more than my prediction for the NCAA college basketball tournament (men's division). I mean - just look at the titles for these posts in past years:
2006: As you know, 2006 never happened.
2007: The effects of 2006 linger, as I divide the entries into four uncreatively named parts, each with names like "Basketball, Part 1" and "Hoops, Part 2" and 3 and 4... or something like that.
It is now 2010. The tournament has begun. Because of life's get-in-the-way-ness and its grant proposals and giant cockroach and loose engine belts, I have not had a chance to come up with 32 narratives about 32 games, most of the narratives Ali-centric. Instead, I will wait until Thursday's and Friday's the opening weekend's games are over and then write about the 16 8 second third round games that begin Saturday. Think of it as a Great Compromise. You should see something basketball-related in this space tomorrow by Wednesday.

Oh.... and this game happens tomorrow but: GO GOPHERS!

*The first truly great entry in this blog.
**Edited to account for recent Facebook friend additions.

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