Tuesday, November 04, 2008

With Jam to Lace the Bread

You may have noticed that I haven't written as much these past few weeks. I could attribute this to being busy. But really there's just been too much on my mind - both happy and sad, easy and difficult, old and new. With all that racing through this already too-busy brain of mine, my attempts at blogging have been a bit unfocused and off, and much of what I've written has gone unpublished. Hopefully this will change soon.

These are definitely interesting times. In the last few weeks and the upcoming month, the following things have happened or will happen:
  • Reunions with old friends from both the Golden Age and the Harvest Years
  • A visit from the cousin and a trip up north
  • Car accidents (not me; no one was hurt) and moving vans (again, not me)
  • Insomnia and bliss
  • Long phone conversations and short attention spans
  • And - not to jinx things which won't happen because really jinxes just don't exist - we'll have the best president of my lifetime
Soon I'll have another one of those epic posts that I reread over and over again and effusively praise myself for. Maybe that short story that I've been perfecting for eight years will see the light of day (it's so good; it's the one). Maybe there will be lists.

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Jason B. said...

I'll take this as a prediction. I hope you're doin' well.