Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weird Hazy Twinkling

This interview with comedian/Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange on NPR is great - funny, heartbreaking... insightful, poetic. The book excerpt at the same link is worth reading too. I completely understand the concept of boredom leading to chaos. For Artie, boredom lead (leads?) to alcohol and heroin and other drugs. For me there was the online poker thing. If only there was a cure for boredom...

Looking out the window at the hills tonight - the lights are twinkling in the haze, the palm trees are swaying, the police helicopter finally stopped circling. I'm thinking about sleeping. I'm thinking about going to Whole Foods. But I have a sweet parking space. And I'm not bored. And Seymour's at my feet and he doesn't seem to want me to go anywhere.

I just found this "lost poem" I wrote in 2002. I like it a lot.

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