Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mary, Liz, O.J., and Kevin

I couldn't possibly be the only one to notice this but I'm too lazy to do the research. Has anyone noticed that the characters and much of the setting on the show 30 Rock practically mirrors those of Mary Tyler Moore? A comparison:

MTM: Set in local TV news studio
30R: Set in network TV studio.

MTM: Free spirited single brunette lead (Mary)
30R: Free spirited single brunette lead (Liz)

MTM: Avuncular older male lead with mostly platonic relationship to female lead (Lou)
30R: Avuncular older male lead with mostly platonic relationship to female lead (Jack)

MTM: Cerebral bald writer (Murray)
30R: Cerebral bald director (Pete)

MTM: Self-centered on-air star (Ted)
30R: Self-centered on-air star (Tracy)

MTM: Slightly ditzy blonde female friend (Phyllis)
30R: Slightly ditzy blonde female friend (Jenny)

There's no equivalent to Rhoda on 30 Rock. And MTM has no equivalent to Frank and Toofer or the secretary or Tracy's entourage. But other than Rhoda those are all minor characters.

What does it all mean? They're both great shows. That's about it.

Today is the beginning of basketball season. If you want imaginative predictions of every game go to Free Darko. Rather than the traditional team-by-team overly worded preview, I'll just offer a few general NBA predictions and stray thoughts:

1. Cleveland and the Lakers will play in the finals. The Lakers will win in 7 games.
2. The Western Conference playoff teams will be (in order of seeds): 1. L.A. Lakers; 2. Houston; 3. Portland; 4. Phoenix; 5. New Orleans; 7. L.A. Clippers; 8. Utah.
3. The Eastern Conference playoff teams will be: 1. Boston; 2. Cleveland; 3. Toronto; 4. Orlando; 5. Detroit; 6. Atlanta; 7. Chicago; 8. Philadelphia.
4. My team - the Minnesota Timberwolves - will finish 33-49. Kevin Love will be good. Al Jefferson will be better. Randy Wittman will be fired before January with the team at 10-31. New coach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will lead the Wolves to a 23-18 record the rest of the way; he will wear Native American fringe-jackets on the sidelines. They will not regret the draft day trade of Mayo for Love. Not this year at least.
5. Former Trojan Nick Young will outplay former Trojan O.J. Mayo.
6. The Milwaukee Bucks will finish with the worst record in the NBA - 16-66 (sorry Jason).
7. LeBron James will be MVP; Derrick Rose will be Rookie of the Year.
8. I will attend exactly one NBA game.

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Jason B. said...

Any trademarked Blueprint Blue predictions w/r/t the election? Esp. POTUS and Prop. 8.

We in the heartland need some guidance.